About Us

The External Door Company specializes in providing its customers with eco-friendly, composite doors. Our doors are stylish, practical and durable. We ensure that they are made of only the finest materials. Our doors are 44 millimetres thick as opposed to other doors, which are normally 28 millimetres. We also ensure that our doors are extremely durable and will last the test of time, in even the harshest environments. We do this by adding a layer of GRP to all of our doors, so that they can withstand even the heaviest downpour, without the slightest amount of damage.

The outside appearance of your home is important. It is something to take pride in. The ExternalDoor Company provides a whole range of external doors, and side panels, to suit any type of home. Our huge colour selection, our large range of door types, and our large selection of windows, allows you to custom design your door, so that you get a door that is perfectly suited to your home.

Our Range

Our range provides customers with an array of different door styles and colours. By giving us a call, or visiting our website, you can select every detail of your composite door, from the windows right down to the style of the door handle. We have a large range of doors, including the classic Marquise, and the stylish Crown 3. With all of our doors, you can choose the type of glass pattern that you want and the colour you want the door to be.

Helpful Design Tool

The External Door company strives to provide our customers with their perfect door. Although some people know exactly what type of door they want, for some it can be difficult to know what style of door would best suit them. By visiting the External Door Company website, you can use our designing tool to select each feature. You can select the design of the door, the colour of the door and the pattern or design of the glass. The design tool will then put these features on to the door,and you will be able to see an example of it on the page. You can then order this door and have it at your home in seven to ten days.

Friendly Customer Service, and Quick Delivery

The team at the External Door Company is always happy to help, by answering any questions you may have, or providing you with more information. If you are interested in making an order or you have any questions, you can either phone us or send us an email. Once your door is ordered, we will get it to you in the quickest possible time. If you live in the area, we will be able to fit and supply the door, making everything much easier for you. If you don't live in the area, or you just want the door supplied, this is fine too. We will deliver the door to you in seven to ten days.

We aim to provide our customers with stunning composite door designs, which are structurally strong and secure. Our huge range of designs, GRP finish and SBD locking system, ensure that you get only the finest door.