About The Doors

Welcome home...

And get comfortable. Because we've got lots to tell you about our composite doors. Behind that rather scientific-sounding name, you'll find the latest technology and design in doors. And when you're indoors you'll enjoy loads of style, strength and security.

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Don't compromise... Go composite

We don't believe in compromising on quality.

We've brought together materials to give you the very best in strength, easy maintenance, security, and weather resistance. Oh - and great looks as well.

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Home and dry

Showers...storms...drizzle...We hate to break it to you, but the average rainfall in the UK is between 700mm a year in East Anglia and 3,000mm a year in the Scottish Highlands*.

We've designed our doors to withstand even the heaviest downpour.

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For when its definately not kite flying weather

We can't tell you what's going to happen next. But we can make sure your door is fully protected against extreme weather conditions. Our doors are tested in a pressurised chamber to simulate gusting winds. The tests start at 500 Pascal - 63 miles an hour. Then the BSI turned those gusts up to the equivalent of 80 miles an hour (800 Pascal). That's stronger than a hurricane.

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The secret behind the frame...

We get excited about the dedicated transom bar on our composite door frame.
Yes, we know it doesn't sound very interesting.

But that bar means your top box composite door frame can be made in one piece. Making your door even stronger and more secure - with a fantastic finish.

So we'll understand if you start getting excited about the transom bar too.

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Letterplate: Postie's choice

Think of the biggest, fattest Sunday paper.

It's no match for our top of the range letter plate. Its super-strong frame and flap are both solid dye cast metal. The nylon brush inside stops the drafts and we seal your letter plate twice to make sure it will stand up to any wind and rain.

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Style - with knobs on

Your place, your taste - right?

That means finding the right furniture and fittings to suit your home. From carpets and sofa in the living room - to the perfect taps and bath in the er... bathroom.

An aficionado of the ultra modern - or tempted by the traditional?

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Our standard cylinder: strong and silent

We like the strong, silent type.

Like our standard six pin cylinder lock, with three keys.

All you see is your key going into the lock. But working behind the scenes - we've added a clever device that protects the cylinder and makes it harder to be snapped by wannabe burglars.

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Get the best edge for your wedge

Your door needs to stay its very best in the face of action - whether you're off to work, treating the trick-or-treaters or rushing in to catch the very last episode of your favourite series.

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We think creating a truly great front door is about putting our ideas to the test. Again and again. Under strict scientific conditions.

So we spend a lot of time thinking about what your door goes through. We haven't quite written its life story - but we have thought about the wear and tear it puts up with all day, every day. The bangs, the knocks and the day the new sofa got stuck.

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Your own work of art

What's your favourite colour?

We know you'll have a preferred hue, whether it's extrovert red, calming blue or tranquil green.

Whatever it is, a touch of the bright stuff can help bring your home to life. And now you can add a splash of colour to your composite door, too.

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Something lovely

You know how you feel when you see something lovely?

You're going to get that feeling every day with our brass and zinc door art.

The glass is handcrafted using traditional techniques. And like the aforementioned superstars, we demand only the very best. That means our door art is created with cut glass held in strips of real zinc or brass.

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