The External Door Company Ltd GRP Composite Doors
And The Environment

Stunning looks - cutting edge design - technical excellence.

We meet and exceed every single European directive for PVCu manufacturing. We're at the forefront of GRP door recycling in Europe. And we're always looking for more ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Before we've even built one of our composite doors, we're already thinking about when it gets to the end of its useful life. We plan our production processes - and consider the waste we'll create at the same time. And we've got our transport and delivery systems on track for much more than just A to B.

A bit previous? No - just way ahead when it comes to caring for the environment.

A warm glow
Genuinely energy efficient

The External Door Company Ltd GRP composite doors are hot stuff at keeping the warmth inside your home. They give exceptional thermal performance. Nothing to do with vests, but they will help keep you more snug indoors than timber, pvcu and aluminium doors - or any other type of door in the UK.

Our solid unglazed door set achieves a `U` Value of 0.37 while our half glazed door achieves a `U` Value of 1.39 - great numbers for keeping the digits on your energy bills low.

The warm edge spacer bar technology in many of our glazed units are even more efficient. It gives our doors a better overall energy rating compared to any other GRP composite door supplier.

Lower energy bills and better for the environment. Our GRP composite doors give you a nice warm feeling - all year round.

One Giant Leap

We've taken big steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Like developing a fully integrated internal supply chain to lower the impact of moving raw materials around our manufacturing units. And thoroughly planning and controlling all our delivery routes to cut down the amount of fuel we use. We even deliver doors directly to site, on request, to remove another stage of handling and transport.

Lots of smart steps from us - and one giant leap for the environment.

Product Life Cycle
Leading the market

Take a look at how well The External Door Company Ltd doors perform compared to the rest of the market.
(Information from HAPM (Housing Association Provident Mutual) and BRE (Building Research Establishment))

Residential Non Fire Rated Door Composition Expected Life Maintained Maintenance Cycle Expected Life Non-Maintained
  Years Finish Hardware  
Softwood Door Set 25 Paint 5 Years Yearly Oil 12 Years
Hardwood Door Set 35 Paint 5 Years Yearly Oil 17 Years
Timber Faced Composite Door Set 30 Paint 5 Years Yearly Oil 17 Years
Steel Faced Composite Door Set 20 Wipe clean Yearly Oil 18 Years
PVC Faced Composite Door Set 25 Wipe clean Yearly Oil 23 Years
35 Wipe clean Yearly Oil 33 Years
Aluminium Powder Coated Door Set 25 Wipe clean Yearly Oil 20 Years
PVC Profile Door Set 20 Wipe clean Yearly Oil 15 Years

NOTE: Life Cycle and maintenance data from HAPM and BRE Life Analysis overall building life impact report

Greener by far

Lots of companies talk about being more environmentally friendly - but do they put their manufacturing processes where their mouths are?

We've changed the way we make our products to reduce our impact on natural resources. Our profiles are now zinc-based to help cut down on the erosion of scarce silicates. Our door slab sub-frames are made from timber strips that come from the waste stream of large-scale timber production in registered forestation programmes.

Our GRP and foam core off cuts? We're looking into having them recycled and put to good use in injection moulded long-life building products. Want to talk production components? Our raw materials are extruded in varied sizes to reduce our PVC waste generation by whole 15% more than conventional production methods.

Other manufacturers look at our products and go green with envy.
We're just greener.